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The all in one AI chatbot that tutors students.Whilst providing valuable feedback in a dashboard to help teachers improve the classroom experience and personalise teaching.

Quacked AI Workshops

We facilitate workshops for students, teachers and principals to gain basic AI literacy.Break down your greatest concerns and start your journey towards implementing AI tools to work faster and easier.

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The AI newsletter built for students and teachers.Learn about AI breakthroughs and news in a 3 minute digest. All with the help of Quack, the AI newsletter companion.

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" Being a secondary teacher who has recently begun investigating how AI can support me in my work, I’ve been looking to further expand my knowledge and explore new possibilities. The workshop run by Donald and his team not only gives valuable insights but also affirms the positive potential AI has in the education sector.The workshop places emphasis on practical uses of AI for staff and students. Donald highlights how AI can be used to increase efficiency for teaching staff, cutting down time in development of curricula and teaching resources.I certainly left the workshop feeling motivated and equipped with a range of new ideas and strategies around the implementation of AI to support my practice. I would not hesitate to recommend booking in a workshop with Quacked AI, who will tailor the session to meet the needs of your school. "

- Christopher Troy, Lead Teacher at Victoria University Secondary College

Quacked AI workshops have made me become more confident in my ability to succeed in Year 12. I used to forget information right before important test and exams. But, by using science-backed techniques and AI tools taught by Donald, I am able to improve my memory retention and score higher grades in less time.QuackBot and workshops have given me the confidence to succeed across all my subjects to hit my ATAR goal for 2023."

- Calvin Lin, Year 12 student

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